Thursday, January 28, 2016

Setup your league on Golf GamesKeeper




In Part 1 of this series we looked at all the cool features offered by the Golf GamesKeeper league management software.  Today, we will look at how to properly set it up.

Once you have been provisioned and you login to the web site, you will be taken to you dashboard, it should look something like this.

This is your dashboard, let's run through this really quickly
  • On the top right corner you have a snapshot at your personal information, Index, and a quick link to your profile
  • The next section is what we call the You/Foursome section, all Golf GamesKeeper users have access to this section.  This is where you manage all your scores that were not played during a league (or group) event, any league events will automatically show in this section.  You can Post a Score, create personal events (up to 4 players) and see your last 5/20 rounds.
  • The next section is our Group/5&Up section, this membership is provided to you and all the members of your league at no charge.  In this section, players of your league can create as many groups as they want with as many players as they want.  Every member of any league gets this feature and can be added and play in any number of groups
  • The last section is what you are here for, YOUR LEAGUE.

Now that you are logged in and looking at your dashboard.
Click on the menu on the left side of your league title bar;
You should see 4 menu items:
  • Manage
  • Manage Players
  • Create Event
  • Standings
After clicking on Manage, you should see this:

Notice how all the other sections are closed so that you can concentrate on the task at hand.

Manage your league basics

Before you can create an event, you need to setup your league so that it fits your needs and for that, you have to understand the effect of each option on your league.

That's where we will start.

Group Name:
Your League name

Track Handicap:
When this option is selected, Golf GamesKeeper will calculate a handicap with only the rounds played within the league.  Please note that any players added to this group will be added with a handicap of 0.  Also, your personal index will show in the player snapshot on the top right and your league index will show on your league title bar.

Handicap Day (optional):
This option appears only when Track Handicap is selected and allows the group administrator to select a day of the week where the group handicaps are calculated.  For example, if your league plays on Sunday, we would recommend to calculate your handicaps on Monday.

Allow Self-Registration:
When this option is selected, Golf GamesKeeper will send an email notification to all members of your league (unless the event is private or the players opt-in options are set to not receive event notifications) when a new event is created. Every player is then allowed to register themselves to an event. Even if a player opts-out of event notification by email, the notification will be saved in his/her notification center accessible through the Dashboard.

Registration Deadline (optional):
When Self-Registration is enabled, this option allows the group administrator to set hard deadlines for event registrations. This option accepts decimal, 1.5 days is 36 hours, so a deadline of 8pm on Thursday for an event at 8am on Saturday.

Net Skins:
The % of the player's course handicap to be applied for net skins.

Scorecard playoffs:
This option allows you to select the handicap hole order for a scorecard playoffs. We do not offer USGA scorecard playoffs at this time.

You now know all of the options, what do they mean for you? Here are a few Q/A to help you understand how to setup your group.

Q. I want to create a group that tracks handicap, however, I need to start with a handicap for each guy.
A. The best way to do this is to originally create a group that does not track handicap, this way as you add players to your group, Golf GamesKeeper will use their personal index as the group handicap. Once you have played a few rounds within the group, you can turn on track handicap and Golf GameKeeper will now update the handicap for all your players. Please note that in a Group Handicap Calculation, Golf GamesKeeper will not replace your handicap with a non calculated 0.0.

Q. I created an event and none of my players received the invitation email to participate.
A. Please make sure that your League allows for self-registration, if it does, your player may have opted-out of event notification. To opt-in for Event Notifications, login to, go to your Profile, Opt-in Options tab, check Event Notifications and click the Save Options button.

Manage your handicap scheme

You want to keep sandbagging to a minimum, however, you want your players to have a handicap as soon as possible.  Golf GamesKeeper offers a quick handicap calculation and a USGA handicap calculation.  With the Quick calculation your players will get a handicap after only 3 rounds and by the 9th round both calculation are equivalent.

Setup administrator

Administrators can add/remove players, create/verify events, setup challenge holes so you can see the value of having more than one.  As part of setting up your league, you can setup one or more administrator to help you in the weekly routine of creating and managing your league.


Everything in Golf GamesKeeper is segregated by season, this is also the way Golf GamesKeeper controls the access to the league.  You can only have one active season at a time and for your season to be active, you have to be in good standing with Golf GamesKeeper.

Logos and sponsors

Logos and sponsors allows you to customize your event (phone app, scorecard, cart signs, and result page).  You can load only one league logo and as many sponsors as you want.  Please note that for best results your logo needs to be 140x140px and your sponsors 320x50px.

Your logo will show on the scorers page on the app and every sponsors will rotate, one by one at the bottom of the screen as your scorers your round.  The sponsors will also be displayed on the live scoring board during the event.

You are now an expert at managing your league, join us again next week when we teach you how to manage your players.

Until then, hittem straight !!!

Visit the website to get started.

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